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The questions of principle

Trade show training, what the heck is that?

It’s been out there since commerce started, we believe (cause we weren’t there). Selling on markets or traveling shows. It’s something you can master. For the record, trade shows are the most cost-effective channel for lead acquisition, and that’s why they’re amongst the most expensive ones. It’s double or nothing (actually, it’s tenfold). So why not put all the chances on your side?

You say you can measure success on a trade show. Seriously?

It’s serious business. We bet we’ll surprise you. The metrics we used has been used in retail since the 1970s. We use it to prepare a show, choose the appropriate booth surface, and the number of people your team should count. After the show you’ll use it to make sure you did your work efficiently, or to assess if there was a problem. And once the sales funnel is passed, you’ll be able to calculate your R.O.I. and the trade show’s profitability. We’ll teach you all that, don’t worry.

Is it really worth it working with you?

We can tell you yes, but that wouldn’t convince you. What we can tell you is to check with yourself: is it worth continuing to invest in trade shows like you do without training your teams? They are the ones doing the job, not your display, not your goodies, nor your great coffee machine. Everything eventually comes down to choices. If you want to invest in your teams, yes, it is worth more than the cost. But, if you are convinced that your money is better spent on booth design, displays and goodies, than nothing can stop you. We will be happy to have you as our booth neighbor, you’ll help us stand out even more next to you.

Are the results guarantee?

Yes, if you take the full package with our booth animators. To guarantee your results we’ll need a guarantee from you that you’ll put in place our methodology. Lies are no good for long term business, and we like to work long term. If we have been in business for 29 years, there must be a reason. Because we’re consumers of trainings, like you, we know there’s nothing worse than paying to learn nothing (it has happened to us, we were furious). So let’s have an arrangement to avoid you bad surprises. If after our first half-a-day you’ll tell us that you didn’t learn anything, or that you’re not satisfied, we’ll stop there and give you your money back. We are here to bring you value and help you progress, so if we’re not suited for that, we’d rather not engage in business with you. Same way, if we feel and know that we can’t do anything for you, we’ll tell you and won’t take you on as a customer. In business like in friendship, honesty is key.

The “objections your honor”

We've done trade shows for over 20 years, do you seriously believe you have something to teach us?

If you’ve kept it going for 20 years as the exhibitor of the year, each year, then for sure we have nothing to teach you. Otherwise there is always room for improvement, and that’s where we step in. Like Einstein said, it’s easier to break an atom than a habit. So, if you don’t want to change your habits, you better move on to another website. But before you go, if you’re still reading… is it a coincidence? The expression “to renew yourself” will fit you like a glove. wink

Our salespeople are already very good, why would we need you?

Happy to hear we have trade show champions here. You’ll only need us if you believe you can do even better and that we can help you reach new levels of performance. How can you know? If your SIR is above 20%, no need. If you ask yourself ‘what’s SIR?’, we need to talk.

You're going to measure human interactions? Really?

Rest assured, we won’t turn you into robots. We’ll make better men and women of you – at least on trade shows – and this is not a matter of metrics. The metrics will help you motivate your teams and make things more interesting (like in poker). Performance can’t be reached under constraint. To be in ‘the zone’ you have to take pleasure in what you do. Metrics are here to provide objective proof of your success.

No need we are trained to pitch

It’s a very good thing that you know how to talk about your company, we’ll save up some time there. Now, pitching is about sending a message from person A to person B and this is NOT what trade shows are about. What you want is to build relationships between A and B. And a relationship is not one-way. It’s a circle, not a straight line. Last but not least, as being pitchy is a turn-off on trade shows, you’d rather focus on building relationships laughing.

The technical details

We've already digitalized our booth, what are you useful for?

Data is good, knowledge is better. If it helps you get metrics that’s VERY good news. Now what will you do with metrics if you don’t know how to read them, and if you cant’t act to influence them? Beware of all things digital, It’s a utopia and we all know how utopias end. If we talk about phygital today, perhaps it is because something is rotten in the kindgdom of Denmark, the Silicon Valley? Avoiding or delaying human interaction with screens on a trade show is something we’re very skeptical about. It’s like those apps to see a therapist, raise your kids or save your relationship – some have tried, and they’re still waiting for results laughing.

I've already got a standist, what more will you bring me?

We haven’t understood each other then, as we’re not standists (but we’re not jealous). We advise you on what makes the success of a trade show, and how to build your booth with the right content. The container is yours to choose. A beautiful booth is great, but it won’t be doing the job for you. But to come back to your booth design, we will advise you on the ergonomics and the content (your message and the way you will manage the space). Other than that, we’ll focus on your team and the way they work. This is something no standist will help you improve. Every man to his own trade.

How long in advance should we call you for help?

According to your needs and your team’s availability, we’ll spend together between 1/2 a day to 2 days, preferably 2 months before the show (and before you order any marketing material). Then, if you still love us, we can deploy our teams on your booth (we’ll explain you how it will boost your results).

My next trade show is in less than 3 weeks, can you help me?

No sorry.. A trade show needs to be prepared 2 to 3 months in advance. Give us a call after. We’ll analyze your results and use this as a good starting point. We’ll start this way on the right foot, cause when it starts off bad, it rarely ends well.

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