A lot of the companies who contact us, ask if, in our workshops “the art of networking”, we will teach them tricks. Our answer is always the same: without attitude, technique is nothing. Because attitude is the alignment of beliefs and behaviors, And without the beliefs (in the sense i believe in “that”) that sustain them, behaviours are just empty gestures.
So before searching the web for the “trick” that will make you a networking champion, we recommend these few films that will, one, make you see relationships differently, and two, who knows, help you adopt the right attitude. In any case, we are sure that with this “trick” the quality of your networking will be greatly improved.

Without attitude, technique is nothing

For those of you who have taken our trainings, you know that before teaching techniques, we spend time on the principles from which they stem and which improve relationships. And one of these principles is empathy and its corollary, the principle of reciprocity.

And for those of you who have not followed our training, know that far from being an approach for “naive” people, empathy pays off and we will demonstrate it to you by A + B if one day you come to our workshops. .

The main characters of these films, who will embody this principle, will thus activate your “mirror neurons”. Their attitudes, if you adopt them, will help you greatly in networking. And if you doubt that movies can have an effect on you, ask yourself why you cry in front of sad movies or are afraid in front of horror films. After all, they’re just movies right?

Inside Out to see how our emotions signal that a change is taking place and help us adapt to it

The Pursuit of Hapiness a story on how to build resilience in adversity, maintain self-confidence and persevere to achieve your goals

Catch Me If You Can or how understanding social conventions can help us to put them at play them to our advantage

Jerry Macguire or how to communicate with passion and empathy to motivate action

Wonder to develop empathy and overcome prejudices

Ground Hog Day to see how altruism is the basis of creating a network

Pay It Forward to see how the principle of reciprocity can generate a butterfly effect

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to see how our past experiences and emotions condition our present

Click to realize how constraints and obstacles are the raw material of our lives and enrich us

The secret life of Walter Mitty to see how stepping out of your comfort zone and reaching out to others can transform our lives

We hope you will have a great time in the company of these everyday heroes and that their stories will make you rethink your relationships!

And if you think it’s all “cinema” and that to succeed in networking you have to be a shark, ask yourself how you would react if you met one of these sharks. Gandhi said “be the change you want to see in the world” who probably inspired Michael Jackson’s Man in the mirror (dedication for fans of the 80s) so it’s up to you to make the change. And if you were still not convinced by the ability of the movies to having a lasting effect on you, we suggest you read, in French sorry, le conte des chaudoudoux from Claude Steiner or Le pouvoir des gentils fom Franck Martin.

Do not hesitate to put in your comments your favorite films on these themes, we will give you a special mention if we add them to this list.


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