An international team,

for international shows

To talk to foreigners it’s good to be foreign 

“A real meeting, a decisive meeting, is something that resembles fate.”
Tahar Ben Jelloun, L’Auberge des pauvres
“When two good partners unite, the dough meets the leaven.”
Proverbe from Malta
“The essential of life are the beings we meet on its way.”

If you work with us

You will surely be in busy-ness with these guys

Ruben Uzan Conférence sur le Networking Chambre de Commerce de Charlevoix Québec 2019

Ruben Uzan

Zone Europe / USA

Julien Roy en conférence

Julien Roy

Zone Canada / USA

Darcy Dumeignil Formateur Salon

Darcy Dumeignil

Zone Canada / USA

The complete team with our booth animators

Julien, Guylène, François, Darcy, Valérie, Ruben


We will be nothing. And we will know nothing without field practice. We practice what we preach.

Consultants / trainers

Life taught us a lot. We continue to learn all our life. And we’ll recommend you to do the same.

Public Speakers

After so many years working stading up, we’ve built stand up skills. So much for the jokes, we do talk to large audiences on a regular basis.


Because you can’t spend so many years together without appreciating one another, our story is also the one of our encounters as human beings, with our strengths, weaknesses, our fears and aspirations.

3 decades

3 continents

1991 Beginnings in Quebec

It was in 1991 that Douglas, who comes from Vancouver, created what would become face to face marketing. While working for a large American standmaker, he found himself frustrated that the exhibitors did little or no preparation for the shows. He decides to help him so that they won’t lose their time and money on trade shows by lack of preparation.

1992 The Julien & Doug meeting

When we told you that professional meetings are useful. Doug meets Julien, a sales expert, and they never leave each other.

1997 En route for Montréal

The Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce has identified us and we have been partners for over 20 years.

2000 To the USA and beyond

Thanks to the millenium bug? Or warmer climate in february? Guess… we go South, helloMcCormick Place, Orange County and the Strip.

2018 Opening an office in Europe

Ruben met in Montreal in 2014 returns from the USA and takes face to face marketing, his techniques and his North American attitude in his suitcases for the old continent.

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