We live like in all times, a “great” time and with it are many technologies that will change our lives. But like a golem, our information and communication technologies modify much more than our conditions, they affect our relationships. But like a golem, our information and communication technologies modify much more than our conditions, they affect our relationships. What if these technologies had more effects than we thought? Overview of our biological limits in the face of those, infinite, of technology.

Biology saturated by technology

Digital has invaded our lives, as food after the war had invaded our closets. And as good human beings that we are, we have made the need to meet our needs a bulimia. 10 years after the introduction of the first Smartphones are seeing the emergence of phenomena of addiction, overconsumption (infobesity), the repercussions that go with it (depression) and solutions for returning to balance (the Internet Bio) such as digital detox or digital wellbeing.

It is the meeting, the clash, of two worlds: biology, of an analog nature, with the digital, based on the binary (the 1s and 0s of electronics).

Because we forget one thing in our delusions of grandeur (see what we are preparing for transhumanism), we are (still) made of flesh and bone. We will find tomorrow, maybe the means to upgrade this, but in the meantime, our best “sensors” are still our 5 senses. And it is clear that these are quickly saturated by our new technological companions (increasing dopamine levels due to the use of our smartphones, saturation effect and reduced attention).

Humanity increased or reduced?

But if research and development in terms of humanity had taken a few thousand years in mother nature’s laboratory, sillicon valley is trying to catch up. What for ? We “increase” we predict the experts and companies that work there? To do what ?

While some worry likeElon Musk and a group of hundred other experts who ask to ban some usage of technologies before the pandora box gets opened,others don’t give any answer. So, artificial intelligence, robots, … but the conscience and the human soul? Some claim it will never happen, while others are less sure… (see tedx on the artificial soul).

Will the objects remain inanimate? If not, will they have a soul as Lamartine or Raymond Devos spoke of.

Canned “human condition”?

Animated objects that have a soul or not, the “human condition” will not allow itself to be put in a box. While machines enslave us or free us from the hard work of our human condition, there will always be room for man, since by definition these machines are made to allow HIM to surpass himself.

It was Henry Ford himself, the man who mechanized car production, who spoke of the added value of a company that was no more and no less than its men and women. Dear CEOs, you have been warned. These men and women that you lead are moved by the three instincts of life: to feed, to communicate, to reproduce, the 3 being necessary for our survival as a species. Like our businesses. Humans are not only a resource for us, but the lifeblood of a company. And you will need them for the latter to feed, communicate and survive (reproduce) over time.

The added value of our human relations

This instinct is the one in control of our genetics and of the human species since it is what it is. So even if tomorrow technology will intervene more and more in our lives, its primary purpose will be human (we hope so, otherwise there will be problems on the horizon). So, before being transformed into humanoids and recruiting robots, which could happen quite quickly, invest in yourself, in your vital forces, instill in them the knowledge, the know-how, the know-how and the know-how to develop your business, by Man and for Man.

We believe that trade has always been and is a way to flourish, to develop, to meet, without killing each other (the first commercial exchanges put an end to raids and at least “pacified” human relations). This is what we work on with our clients, our raison d’être and we hope it is shared. If you too think that commerce is first and foremost about people and you go to trade fairs, congresses or networking activities, let’s meet, we already have a topic for discussion.

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